Property price warning
Warning from the International Monetary Fund about price rises in Spain(09m:37s)
The International Property Market in Spain
The latest statistics about international buyers and where they are buying in Spain (10m:22s)
Property Prices in Spain
Talking about the big difference between prices for resales and new builds. (9m:27s)
Rental Ready
If you rent your Spanish property to tourists, are you Rental Ready? Find out what you need to do(9m:20s)
Spain’s Overseas and Domestic Property Markets
Why the overseas and domestic property markets in Spain are so different(12m:51s)
Why Use a Buying Agent? – Part 1
Explaining the differences between buying agents and estate agents (6m:45s)
Why Use a Buying Agent – Part 2
Golden Visa
The Spanish Government relaxes the rules for residency under the Golden Visa scheme for non-EU nationals (4m:35s)