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Case Studies
Overseas buyer numbers 2018
Posted on Jun 12 2019 by Barbara in Spain
Crunching the numbers in Spain's overseas property market. Are there signs of a slowdown? Read More »
Case Studies
Madrid Tourist Rentals
Posted on Apr 01 2019 by Barbara in Spain
Another week, another new tourist rental law. This time it's Madrid and it's a tough one. 95% of tourists rentals could disappear. Read More »
Case Studies
Property Prices Spain
Posted on Jan 08 2019 by Barbara in Uncategorized
Is the IMF being over cautious with its recent warning about property price rises in Spain? Read More »
Case Studies
Overseas Property Market in Spain still growing
Posted on Nov 20 2018 by Barbara in General
No slowdown in overseas buyers in Spain, numbers up 5.8% this year. Read More »
Case Studies
Property Prices
Posted on Oct 24 2018 by Barbara in General
Comparing current prices for new-build properties with resales in the Marbella area. Are buyers paying too much just because it's new? I think they may be. Read More »
Case Studies
Barcelona Valencia Málaga Rentals
Posted on Sep 06 2018 by Barbara in Spain
How new rules for tourist rentals will affect property owners in Barcelona, Valencia & Málaga Read More »
Case Studies
Tough New Rules for Madrid Rentals
Posted on Sep 05 2018 by Barbara in Spain
An update on tougher laws for tourist rentals in Spain's A-list cities focusing on Madrid Read More »
Case Studies
Rental Ready in Spain
Posted on May 17 2017 by Barbara in Spain
The rules governing the tourist rental market in Spain get ever more complex. Here's what you need to know if you are an owner renting Spanish property to tourists. Read More »