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    From the Blog

    Overseas buyers in 2021

    With the release of the notaries’ statistics for overseas property buyers in the 1st half of 2021 we get some idea of how strongly this very important sector of Spain’s property market is performing. Overseas buyers make up 20% of the overall market and they spend more.

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    Property Purchase Tax in Andalucía

    Smart move Andalucía. Property purchase taxes in Spain are high & Andalucía temporarily reduced its ITP to 7% as a short term post-Covid market boost. Now the reduction has been made permanent. No more sliding scale with 10% high, a flat rate 7% gives competitive edge.

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    Overseas Property Market in 2020

    Full year results for overseas buyers in Spain in 2020. In spite of travel restrictions nearly 80,000 international purchasers bought a property in Spain in 2020. Read the breakdown in detail.

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