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work exclusively for you, the property buyer. And just about every property buyer  today starts their property search online. However, it’s all too easy to be seduced by pretty images, concentrating on properties rather than locations. Based on images, buyers often think they have found their dream property online. Such a letdown when it turns out to be located next to an industrial zone or facing a noisy highway. Estate agents always seem to forget to include such inportant details in the description. Consequently,  locations should always come first. And that’s even more important if you are out of your comfort zone, buying in an area you don’t know in-depth. Therefore, using your own agent is the most effective way to find the best Andalucía locations and properties. The Property Finders, specialist Andalucia property finders, can make a difference in lots of ways.

What makes the difference with Andalucía Property Finders

  • First of all, The Property Finders compare and contrast locations across the whole of Andalucía. Because we really listen to what you tell us we can guide you to the one that is right for your requirements.   Due to  our in-depth local knowledge we often suggest possible locations that you have not thought about or even heard of. As a result, several former clients have bought properties in places they had never even heard of until we mentioned them.
  • In addition, we tell it like it is, pointing out negatives as well as positives.  As a result, if a particular location has a problem we will tell you about it.  We don’t disguise road noise by showing a property at the weekend. We won’t disguise the lack of afternoon sun by arranging the viewing in the morning.  Selling agents do that, we don’t. It is our business to alert you to future developments or changes to planning regulations. In fact, anything that could adversely affect your property purchase.
  • We defend and protect your interests. We are buyers agents, your agents, so we will act in your favour all the time. On the contrary, real estate agents act in the seller’s interest, that’s their job. They are only concerned with selling in their area, other locations don’t interest them.  We would never recommend a property that we would not buy for ourselves.
  • We are very experienced negotiators. Thanks to our knowledge of the market we expect to achieve a substantial discount off the asking price. We often save our clients many times the cost of our fee.
  • Finally, The Property Finders can locate and help you buy any type of property in Andalucía. We know the coasts, the cities and the interior.  If it’s there, we will find it.

Andalucía Property Finders Locations

The Andalucía regionAndalucía is the largest autonomous region in Spain, about 87,000 square kilometres. It’s the only part of Spain with both Mediterranean and Atlantic coastline, about 900kms in length. There are roughly 600kms on the Mediterranean and 300kms facing the Atlantic. On the Mediterranean side there are more golf courses than any other single region in Europe. The Atlantic coastline of the Costa de la Luz has some of the best beaches in the world. Tarifa is one the world’s top wind and kite surfing destinations.

But Andalucía is not just about beach and golf. Several of Europe’s finest cities are Andalucían provincial capitals and the list includes Seville, Málaga, Córdoba and Granada. With a total of 8, there are more UNESCO World heritage sites in Andalucía that any other Spanish region. In addition, the Lonely Planet guide nominated Seville as its No. 1 city to visit in 2018.  Cádiz made The New York Times list of cities to visit in 2019.

Málaga city

It’s a shame that most of the 15 million tourists who fly into Málaga airport never visit the city itself. They turn right or left and head off to their resort. However, those that do visit find a city that has undergone a transformation in recent years. A real renaissance of one of the oldest cities in the world. Consequently, Málaga is now an interesting option for the property buyer who wants the buzz of a city. For more background check out my comments in an article in The Sunday Times which focused on Málaga and what it has to offer.  And here’s article about Málaga as a great weekend destination.

Mountains, sports and the great outdoors

Some of the highest peaks in Europe are in the Sierra Nevada near Granada. Across the region there are opportunities for mountain biking, hiking, rock-climbing, horse riding and road cycling. All can be done year-round in the best climate on the European mainland. Andalucía is one of the most important regions in the world for bird migration,the crossroads between Europe and Africa. Consequently, it’s a bird-watcher’s paradise.

As a result,  it’s the size and diversity of the region that make finding the right location in Andalucía a challenge. There are just so many factors to consider. That’s where The Property Finders can make all the difference.


Andalucia property finders find Aloha golf propertyThroughout the region the long summers are hot and dry. But in winter conditions can vary from very mild on the coast to freezing and snowy mountains inland. For example, the ski resort near Granada is often one of the first in Europe to open for the season. That’s a good clue to the severity of the winter climate in the area influenced by the Sierra Nevada. In winter, there can be as much as 6 degrees Celsius (10 degrees Fahrenheit) difference in daytime temperatures between the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. Inland, temperatures at night fall well below zero for weeks on end.

Therefore, if you intend spending some winter months in Andalucía you need to choose your location and property with care. Many have bought in July only to find that the winter climate is not what they were expecting. However, micro-climates zones in the region give Andalucía the best climate on the European mainland. The Property Finders have the facts you need to make an informed choice. Consequently, you can be sure your property search in Andalucía will result in a purchase that is right for you.


andalucia property finders in MálagaIt’s 35 years since Spain joined the E.U. At that time Andalucía was one of the poorest regions, not just in Spain, but in the whole of Europe. It has been transformed into one of the most improved in terms of infrastructure, particularly the road and rail networks.


Getting around Andalucía is a dream.  Without doubt, upgraded roads have contributed to an expanded property market.  Better access allows new areas to open up and consequently pries rise.  With the exception of just one stretch, between Algeciras and Vejer, All 900kms of Andalucía’s coast is motorway.  The busiest portion, between Málaga and Sotogrande, has two, one free and one toll.  Meanwhile, inland journeys that used to take half a day or more now take a couple of hours.  The motorways between Seville and Granada, Málaga and Córdoba, and Algeciras and Jerez have made all the difference.

Málaga now has two ring roads and there is a second motorway up to Antequera, this one a toll road. The clever overhead signs tell motorists that the fuel saved on the shorter journey more than covers the toll.  Overall, there is hardly a road in Andalucía that hasn’t been upgraded to some extent. However, some projects stalled in the recession as funding dried up. In some cases very little work remained. For example, the new access road to Málaga airport was just 1km away from completion. However, as the Spanish economy improves there are signs that funding is starting to return.


Spain has become a world leader in high-speed railway. In recent years only China has constructed more high-speed kilometres than Spain.  AVE services link Málaga, Seville, Córdoba and Antequera with Madrid and Barcelona. The line to Granada is scheduled to open in 2018.  There is a Málaga – Barcelona service that does not require a train change in Madrid and Barcelona to Paris is also without a train change. So it’s possible to travel between London and Málaga on high speed trains for the whole journey, only changing trains in Paris and Barcelona. AVE services are not expensive, extremely punctual and offer luxurious customer service.  Refunds are offered if you are even a few minutes late.


Málaga is Spain’s fifth busiest airport. With two runways delays are rare, even in the busiest summer months.  It is a Ryanair hub serving around 50 destinations in Europe and North Africa. And it is one of the few cities in the world serving all five London Airports.  Delta Airlines operate a daily non-stop JFK – Málaga service in summer months. The daily service to Istanbul connects Málaga with the Middle and Far East. Both Qatar Airways and Saudi Arabian Airlines offer direct flights from Doha, Riyadh and Jeddah in summer. There’s now a direct Tel Aviv to Málaga service and Buenos Aires – Málaga with Norwegian. In addition, Andalucía has four excellent regional airports. Seville, Jerez, Granada and Almería all have year-round flights to the main European cities.

Your Property Search

andalucia property finders on Costa de la LuzIt’s not surprising that lots of people find it difficult to know where to start their property search. There are so many factors to consider. But there are locations that combine the best of climate, infrastructure and access. Not surprisingly, these are the prime locations of the region. Obviously, the recession and subsequent upheavals in the property market make it even more important to identify these. Otherwise, you run the risk of repeating the mistakes made by so many in the boom years by buying in a secondary location. These are doomed to spend years in the doldrums with still no sign of recovery. The Property Finders are property search specialists in Andalucía. We are experienced in quickly and efficiently finding property. Whatever property you want Andalucia Property Finders can find it. Contact us today to find out how much time and money we can save you.

For more information on locations, property market analysis and predictions for 2022 click here. Good rental potential is often a key requirement that clients ask us to consider when we start a property search. Click here to see examples of properties The Property Finders found for clients. In several cases, the rental income is way above their expectations. In other cases they only started renting when they realised the potential. And there are other alternatives, such as house-sitters. In these cases we can recommend HouseSitMatch as an alternative.

Click on any of the images to see larger versions and find out where they are. Find out about our fees here.

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