Interested In Joining The Property Finders?

The Property Finders is a marketing consortium created to provide a public window for professional independent property finders. Our goal is to expand within the U.K. and throughout Europe and beyond, making The Property Finders the place to start when people think about buying property, wherever that might be.

Each office operates an independent business in its respective region. We are not a franchise; we no not have stiff upfront joining fees, no training manuals nor do we control anyone’s business or meddle in the affairs of associates. We simply pool out resources. This has allowed us to create and expand The Property Finders identity, run a professional and optimized website, retain designers, provide a professional call centre and, most importantly, put some weight behind the brand by using a top-flight London P.R. consultancy. Raising awareness of the extra value that The Property Finders brings to the table is a key part of our strategy. Everyone knows what estate agent does, far fewer understand the role of a property finder.

What we do expect from all our associates is the highest possible professionalism, integrity and in-depth knowledge of their region and the property business as it applies there. Our experience in working with our partners since The Property Finders was established in 2003 tells us that, while not essential, a background in the real estate business is an advantage. Working for the buyer brings extra responsibility in ensuring a problem-free transaction and it is really important that our partners understand what goes on on the other side – that is, the selling side. That side of the business wants a deal, any deal, while our side, the buying side, only wants what is best for our clients. If you would like to discuss becoming a partner of The Property Finders please call +44 (0)800 622 6745 or, alternatively, fill in the form below and we will contact you.