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It’s often said that buying a property is one of life’s more stressful events and too often it turns out to be a time consuming and frustrating business but it doesn’t have to be like that.  The purchase of a property is one of the biggest financial commitments people make in life yet most buyers put their trust in estate agents who are working for the other side, the seller.  The Property Finders think it makes better sense for buyers to have someone working exclusively for them, to protect their interests and with the sole intention of finding the right property for them at the lowest possible price.




Spanish Property Market 2015
UPDATED. News, statistics and analysis about the property market in Spain to help you understand what's happening and where.  Overseas buyers in Andalucía, Valencia and Cataluña are leading the way.
Farming in New Zealand
There’s been a lot of publicity recently about the numbers of overseas purchasers investing in the agriculture sector in New Zealand and this report looks and who is buying and where.
The Costa Blanca in 2015
UPDATED.  Market Report about the Alicante region of the Costa Blanca with realistic and independent comment about prices and locations and predictions for 2015. 
Case Study
Buying without Seeing

Can you imagine buying a property 18,000kms away from where you live, based solely on estate agents details?  Thought not, but sometimes it’s a necessity and can be done if you have your own property finders working for you.

Case Study
We don't want to drive
Looking for a winter home in the sun, my clients wanted to live without the need to get in the car every day, no easy task but a great result.
From the Blog
Oops, Marbella Goes Back to 1986
Spain's Supreme Court of Appeal annuls the 2010 Planning Regulations (PGOU) in Marbella, making 16,500 properties which had been retrospectively legalised illegal again. Read more
Best Time Ever for Rentals
About 35% of Spain's 65m+ overseas visitors do not stay in hotels.  This helps explain the high rental yields achievable by property owners in prime locations. Read more
Spain's Golden Visa Rules Modified
It's a bit of a mystery why the take-up for Spain's residency visa programme is so low.  Govt. modifies the rules to stimulate interest.  Will it work ....? Read more

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