What The Property Finders can find for you in New Zealand

The Property Finders locate all kinds of properties at all price levels in both New Zealand islands. It doesn’t matter what type of property. If it is there, we will find it. Once we have all the details we go to work and we keep looking until we find it. It’s really important we get a detailed brief from you, ideally in a face-to-face meeting. That may not be possible because we are usually helping international buyers at long distance. So, in these cases a video conference call is the next best option.

But whether we meet you first or not, we don’t start the search process until we are 100% confident we understand the criteria that matter most to you. Every search is unique, no two briefs are identical. But our aim is always the same, to only introduce those properties that match the requirements in every respect.

Our fees are charged in two stages. Firstly, the initial non-refundable registration fee of NZ$1,400* is payable on signing our Terms and Conditions.** Then our fee for successfully finding and helping you acquire your chosen property is charged at 2.5%* of the price paid. One of our main aims is to save our clients time and money so do contact us to find out how much we can save you. Our in-depth knowledge of our markets coupled with our negotiating experience means we often secure a deal well below the price you would have paid through a selling agent. It’s a rare case that we don’t save you more than the value of our fee.