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, work exclusively for you, the property buyer. Using your own agent can be the most effective way to find your property in Australia.  Just about everyone today starts their property search on the internet. Consequently,it is all too easy to be seduced by pretty images, concentrating on properties rather than locations.  Often buyers think they have found their dream property. Then they go to view it and discover it’s located next to an industrial zone or facing a noisy highway.  Clearly, that’s a big waste of both time and money.  So location should always come first. And that’s even more so if you’re out of your comfort zone, buying at long distance in an area you don’t know in-depth.  Using the services of Australia property finders will make a difference in lots of ways:

What makes the difference

  • First, of all, The Property Finders extensive territories allow us to compare locations across an entire region. Because of this we can guide you to the one that is right for your requirements.  We really listen to what you tell us, asking lots of questions to build up a very detailed brief. Our in-depth local knowledge often means we will suggest locations that you have not thought about.
  • In addition, we always tell it like it is, pointing out negatives as well as positives.  As a result, if we know a particular location has a problem we will tell you about it.  We don’t disguise a road noise problem by showing a property at the weekend. We won’t hide the lack of afternoon sun by arranging the viewing in the morning.  Selling agents do that, we don’t.  It is our business to alert you to road and rail projects, future developments or changes to planning regulations. In fact, anything that could adversely affect your property purchase.
  • We defend your interests.  We are property finders and act in your favour all the time.  On the contrary, real estate agents act in the seller’s interest and can only recommend their listed properties. They are only concerned with selling in their area and are not interested in other locations.  We never recommend a property that we would not buy ourselves.
  • We are very experienced negotiators. Thanks to our knowledge of the market we can normally achieve a substantial discount off the asking price of the property. As a result our clients can save many times the cost of our fee.
  • Finally, The Property Finders can locate and help you buy any type of property in Queensland; on the coasts, in the cities and in the outback.  If it’s there, we will find it.

The State

Australia property finders region of QueenslandQueensland is Australia’s second largest State, about 1.8 million square kms in area. Inevitably, this makes searching for a property and comparing locations a challenge, particularly for overseas buyers.  And because of its size there is significant variation in climate across the state. Elevated areas in the south-east inland can experience temperatures well below freezing in mid-winter. In contrast, the climate of the mainland coastal strip of some 7,400 kms is influenced by warm ocean waters. So this region is free from extremes of temperature and has regular rainfall rainfall.

The Regions covered by Australia Property Finders

Brisbane is the capital. It’s the most populous city in Queensland and the third most populous in Australia.  Brisbane’s metropolitan area has a population of 2.24 million, and the South East Queensland urban area, centred on Brisbane, encompasses a population of more than 3 million. The Brisbane central business district stands on the original European settlement and is situated inside a bend of the Brisbane River. The metropolitan area extends in all directions along the floodplain of the Brisbane River valley between Moreton Bay and the Great Dividing Range.

The Gold Coast is a coastal city in south eastern Queensland. The city is 94 kilometres (58 mi) south of the state capital Brisbane and is the second most populous city in the state. The Gold Coast has the largest cross-state metropolitan area population in Australia, due to the inclusion of Tweed Heads, New South Wales in its metropolitan area. The Gold Coast’s metropolitan area converges with that of Greater Brisbane, forming part of an urban conurbation of over 3 million people.

While the origin of the city’s name is debatable, the name “Gold Coast” was bestowed upon the city by real estate investors. The first settlement in what is now South East Queensland was as a penal colony at Redcliffe. The Gold Coast region remained largely uninhabited by Europeans until 1823 when explorer John Oxley landed at Mermaid Beach. The hinterland’s red cedar supply attracted people to the area in the mid-19th century. Later in 1875, Southport was surveyed and established and grew a reputation as a secluded holiday destination for upper class Brisbane residents.

Whale watching on Australia's Gold CoastThe Gold Coast region grew significantly after the establishment of the Surfers Paradise hotel in the late 1920s. The area boomed in the 1980s as a leading tourist destination and in 1994, the Gold Coast City local government area was expanded to encompass the majority of the Gold Coast’s metropolitan area. The Gold Coast is today a major tourist destination with its sunny subtropical climate, surfing beaches, canal and waterway systems, its high-rise dominated skyline, theme parks, nightlife, and rainforest hinterland, making tourism one of its most significant industries. Gold Coast will host the 2018 Commonwealth Games

Cairns is a regional city in the far north of Queensland, Australia, founded 1876.  The city was named after William Wellington Cairns, the then Governor of Queensland.  It was formed to serve miners heading for the Hodgkinson River goldfield, but declined when an easier route was discovered from Port Douglas. It later developed into a railhead and major port for exporting sugar cane, gold and other metals, minerals and agricultural products. As of June 2012, the population was approximately 142,500.

Cairns is located about 1,700 km (1,056 mi) from Brisbane. It is a popular travel destination for foreign tourists because of its tropical climate. It serves as a starting point for people wanting to visit the Great Barrier Reef and Far North Queensland.

Find Your Property with Australia Property Finders

Given the size of Queensland it’s no surprise that lots of people find it difficult to know where to start. Please feel free to contact us without obligation. We really can help you find the property that matches your requirements and expectations.  There are many and varied reasons for buying a property in Australia. Australia property finders will answer the important questions about immigration, employment, retirement etc.  Our aim is to guide you from the beginning of the search, making the operation easier, safer, problem-free and cheaper.  And we will still be there after purchase if needed, to help with introductions to architects, builders and other professionals. In fact, anything you need to make your property a home.

To find out how our fees are charged go here.

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