What The Property Finders actually do

Satisfied clients often tell us that when they registered with The Property Finders they did not have a real understanding of exactly what our property finding service covered but by the end they were amazed at what was included. So rather than have a page of testimonials telling you how wonderful we are but without actually explaining what we do we thought it might be more interesting to give real examples of property searches explaining all that is involved in finding the perfect property for every client.

As these examples show no two property searches are the same. Every client comes to us with a unique set of criteria specific to their property requirements so even though we may be searching in an area we know intimately we have to look at it from a new perspective, theirs, not ours. For the first couple of weeks of a search we spend time making general enquiries, finding out what might be available and where, but after that it gets very specific.

Case Studies
Find a ruin and help with the transformation
Renovating a ruin in Andalucía is always a challenge. It can either go spectacularly wrong, as it has done for so many, or it can turn out rather well. As with most things there is a right and a wrong way to go about it. Here’s how to do it right… Read More »