Canary Islands Property Finders

Natalia Villendrup has more than 10 years experience in the luxury property sector working in different places around the world. These include the exclusive resort of Punta del Este in Uruguay and in chic and hip Ibiza in Balearic Islands. Finally, she settled back in her native country basing herself on Gran Canaria. With this background she has a real understanding of how estate agency works in different locations. Her experience makes her the ideal partner if you are looking for Canary Islands property finders. Natalia is the expert you need if you are looking for someone 100% on your side.

Natalia made the crossover from selling agent to buying agent after being asked to help a buyer relocating from Denmark. When she started the property finding process for this client she realised immediately that there was a difference. Instead of the usual estate agent approach of listing any property it was as though she was buying a property for herself. Therefore, she only reviewed properties that exactly matched her client’s criteria.

Multi-Lingual Property Finder

With this new perspective she realised it was time to move away the from selling side of the real estate business. Conflicts of interests, grey areas and lack of due diligence are all too common. So, in 2016 she launched her Real Estate Personal Shopper service, the first and only genuine property finder in the Canary Islands. She trained with AEPSI, the association representing the growing number of buying agents in Spain. She also speaks several languages: Danish/Norwegian, English, Spanish, Italian and German. In 2017 The Property Finders decided to partner with her and extend our coverage to the Canary Islands.

The property market in the Canary Islands is very fragmented. There are hundreds of traditional real estate companies all trying to keep one step ahead of the competition. Multi-listing is common, frequently at different prices, all very confusing for buyers. So, buyers have little realistic chance of uncovering everything that is for sale. Consequently, what should be a pleasurable experience becomes a stressful, time-consuming, frustrating and expensive one.

Your Property Search

But with Natalia working on your behalf finding the right property in exactly the right location becomes a reality. She is an expert in all aspect of the Canary Islands market. In addition, property finders can access properties not listed with agents but are privately for sale, so nothing will be missed. Natalia will find the most desirable options that match your criteria. Although based in Gran Canaria, Natalia carries out property searches on all the islands. Call her today or fill in the form below and tell her what you are looking for.