The Company

The Property Finders was founded in 2003 by Barbara Wood.  With years of experience in the Spanish property market behind her she was already working as a property finder in Andalucía and decided to expand into other regions.  The message to property buyers is very clear. The only way to be certain that someone is looking after your interests is to appoint your own agent.  Estate agents work for sellers and it is not up to them to point out negatives about a property or strive for the lowest possible price.  That’s our responsibility. It doesn’t matter whether you call us buying agents, property finders or relocation specialists, what we do is the same. We work exclusively for the buyer and in their best interests, always.

Barbara Wood worked as an estate agent in Marbella from 1983 and managed the Costa del Sol office of Knight Frank from 1989. Returning to the UK in 2000 she noticed that specialist property finding services had become common during the 1990s, as time-poor buyers realised the benefits of employing their own agent to find property.  Barbara was sure there would be a demand for a similar service for property buyers in Spain and established The Property Finders.

The Property Finders objectives

The Property Finders is a service company, established to provide property buyers with professional, independent advice for the search and acquisition of exactly the right property for them.  Every client comes to us with a unique set of criteria and we treat each and every search individually. All you have to do is get in touch with us to find out how The Property Finders will save you both time and money.

The objective is to expand the network within the U.K. and to all the most interesting destinations in Europe and beyond. Many prospective property buyers appreciate that they can achieve more by appointing a property search consultant but don’t know how to find one. We work hard to increase public awareness of our name and service.  As The Property Finders network grows there will be an increased choice of destinations, each offering a professional, independent property expert to help buyers match their specific needs to the right destination.

Who does what at The Property Finders

Barbara manages the head office in the U.K. and looks after all searches in Andalucía. She spends about half her time there, searching for properties throughout the province and accompanying buyers on their viewing trips.

Diego Sabater is The Property Finders Associate for Valencia, Castellón, and the Costa Blanca.

Chris Collier takes care of property searches in New Zealand and Australia (Queensland).

Iñaki Unsain is the expert for Barcelona and Natalia Villendrup is our partner in the Canary Islands.

If you are interested in joining The Property Finders click here for more information.