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Case Studies
If you want to sell, price it right
Posted on Oct 17 2010 by Barbara in General
One of the things I really love about being a buyer’s agent, compared with the role of an estate agent, is not having to endure endless telephone calls with sellers who insist on maintaining a sky-high asking price when all the evidence is that prices in Andalucía have fallen at least 30% since the peak of the market and in many areas the fall will have to be... Read More »
Case Studies
Looks like an investment to me
Posted on Sep 23 2010 by Barbara in General
I have always thought that the words ‘investor’ and ‘investment’ were two of the most overused and misused words during the hyped-up property fest that was Spain’s property market from 2000 and I tried hard to keep them out of my vocabulary. In the worst of cases, these ‘investors’ were still piling into overpriced tat […] Read More »
Case Studies
The trials of working in August
Posted on Aug 24 2010 by Barbara in General
I’ve had it with trying to work in August in Spain. I promised myself this year that I would stay away and I did fly out of Málaga on July 30th. Read More »
Case Studies
Will the Obama visit help Marbella’s image?
Posted on Aug 05 2010 by Barbara in General
A couple of years ago I worked for clients who for health reasons needed to buy a property in a ‘warm winter’ destination. Read More »
Case Studies
Confusing Valuations
Posted on Jul 22 2010 by Barbara in General
In the past I’ve had some very harsh things to say about property market statistics in Spain Read More »