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Case Studies
What price a sea view?
Posted on Jun 16 2012 by Barbara in General
Some buyers will only buy if they have a sea view so how much is that special view worth, what's the premium you'll have to pay to gaze out over the water? Read More »
Case Studies
Get Ready for ITE
Posted on May 15 2012 by Barbara in General
New law requiring 10-yearly inspections of properties more than 50 years old comes into effect in Spain on July 7 2012. Are all Town Halls ready? I don't think so..... Read More »
Case Studies
As you were on NIE applications
Posted on Apr 19 2012 by Barbara in General
Amazing - they've listened for a change. It's back to where we were for E.U. citizens and NIE applications so no one has to queue for hours for essential documents. Read More »
Case Studies
Purchase Tax Rise in Andalucía
Posted on Jan 19 2012 by Barbara in General
On the one hand they reduce VAT on new homes to kick-start the market and it seems to be working, on the other Andalucía ramps up purchase tax on resales. Read More »
Case Studies
Big change for NIE application
Posted on Jan 18 2012 by Barbara in General
I understand why they're doing it but I do wish they wouldn't. Big change to NIE application process means inconvenience for buyers. Read More »
Case Studies
Who Pays What
Posted on Dec 22 2011 by Barbara in General
Buying costs in Spain are high in comparison with some countries so when you are calculating what you can afford to spend on a property it is important to know which taxes and fees the buyer is responsible for. Read More »
Case Studies
A Fresh Look at the Costa del Sol
Posted on Sep 13 2011 by Barbara in General
I’ve lived in Spain, on and off, since the 1980s. Right now I am based in the UK and visit twice a month on average. But living or visiting has always been to do with work and that makes it difficult to think of it as a holiday destination. So when a friend asked me to house sit for her in August I... Read More »
Case Studies
My #1 rule
Posted on Jul 24 2011 by Barbara in General
Although a buyer’s agent makes every effort to locate properties that are privately for sale or get direct access to a seller through a network of contacts it is also vital to maintain good relations with estate agents. Lots of acquisitions will be done via the seller’s agent and once a good relationship is... Read More »