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Case Studies
I Spy Building Cranes
Posted on Aug 03 2015 by Barbara in General
Building licence approvals reduced to a trickle at the end of 2014 but now on the way up. However, my view is that most of the new developments won't be in prime locations. Read More »
Case Studies
The 7-year Property Market Cycle
Posted on Jun 21 2015 by Barbara in General
Perhaps a cliche but it seems that the saying that property markets go in 7-year cycles but memories only last for 5 may actually be true. Lots of signs that the Spanish market is starting to repeat some bad habits. Read More »
Case Studies
2015 Feels Very Different
Posted on Jan 05 2015 by Barbara in General
In recent years buyers have been able to take their time when purchasing a Spanish property. That's all changing and now they need to get up to speed if they're not going to lose that special property. Read More »
Case Studies
Getting money out of China gets harder
Posted on Dec 29 2015 by Barbara in General
When the Golden visa scheme started a surge of Chinese property buyers was expected to hit Spain but it didn't materialise. Part of the reason may be stricter enforcement of currency exportation. Read More »
Case Studies
How to find out the bad stuff
Posted on Oct 03 2014 by Barbara in General
Some countries have real estate disclosure laws but lots don't so can a buyer be really sure they know the full story about a property they have found. The answer is to use your own detective. Read More »
Case Studies
Top 10 Costa Blanca Beaches
Posted on Apr 19 2014 by Barbara in General
Spain's coast is a concrete jungle, according to many. Well, they are wrong and here are 10 reasons to prove it. Take a look at just a few of the Costa Blanca's beaches. Read More »
Case Studies
Costa del Sol’s first Bilingual College
Posted on Mar 31 2014 by satellite_design in General
The coast has many International schools but from Sept 2014 a new facility opens offering bilingual English/Spanish schooling for all nationalities. Read More »
Case Studies
Overseas Buyers lead the way in Spain
Posted on Mar 31 2014 by Barbara in General
Strong growth in overseas buyer numbers mean they made up more than 20% of the total market in 2013 and that's an all-time record. Read More »