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Case Studies
British buyers and the weak £
Posted on Oct 21 2016 by Barbara in Spain
With interest rates so low a Spanish mortgage could be a good way for British property buyers to protect themselves against a weak pound. Read More »
Case Studies
Spain’s Cultural Heritage
Posted on Jul 21 2016 by Barbara in General
Spain is so much more than sun n' sand. Another historic site in Spain gets UNESCO World Heritage status, bringing the total to 45 sites, 3rd highest in the world. Read More »
Case Studies
The New Zealand real estate market 2016
Posted on May 03 2016 by Barbara in New Zealand
Chris Collett brings you right up to date with what's happening right now in the New Zealand property market and notes levels of activity not see since the 1960s. Read More »
Case Studies
It’s Finally Here
Posted on Feb 26 2016 by Barbara in Spain
STARTS MAY 12. Andalucía's new rental law, regulating short term holiday lets, starts in May 2016. Property owners risk heavy fines if not registered. Read More »
Case Studies
Retiring Overseas
Posted on Dec 10 2015 by Barbara in General
What to think about to fulfil your long-held dream. I'm interviewed by financial journalist & broadcaster Sarah Pennells for Share Radio. Read More »
Case Studies
Oops, Marbella Goes Back to 1986
Posted on Nov 05 2015 by Barbara in General
Spain's Supreme Court of Appeal annuls the 2010 Planning Regulations (PGOU) in Marbella, making 16,500 properties which had been retrospectively legalised illegal again. Read More »
Case Studies
Best Time Ever for Rentals
Posted on Sep 19 2015 by Barbara in General
About 35% of Spain's 65m+ overseas visitors do not stay in hotels. This helps explain the high rental yields achievable by property owners in prime locations. Read More »
Case Studies
Spain’s Golden Visa Rules Modified
Posted on Aug 24 2015 by Barbara in General
It's a bit of a mystery why the take-up for Spain's residency visa programme is so low. Govt. modifies the rules to stimulate interest. Will it work ....? Read More »