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Barbara Wood has loved Spain and all things Spanish since her student days in Madrid and was able to use her Spanish often during her career flying with British Airways. It was during this time that she developed an interest in property as time off between flights allowed her to ‘do things up’. When she decided it was time to unpack her suitcase for the last time she knew that she wanted to develop a career in the real estate sector. Initially she worked in the UK but with her fluent Spanish she was soon offered an opportunity to relocate to the Costa del Sol. She leapt at the chance and has been involved in the Spanish property market ever since, initially as an estate agent but since 2003 Barbara has been in charge of The Property Finders in Andalucía, the longest-established Andalucia Property Finder.

Arriving in Marbella just as the first sustained property boom was getting under way, the experience she gained then led to her working for top Estate Agents Knight Frank, setting up and managing their office on the Costa del Sol. Barbara believes the years she worked as an Estate Agent have made her particularly effective as the buyer’s representative. She understands how the property market works in Spain and knows the kind of pressures that buyers may be subjected to, often signing binding contracts that have not been properly explained or translated. Having worked on both sides of the fence, she firmly believes that using an Andalucía Property Finder brings extra value to the purchase process. She regularly meets property owners who have defective title deeds when, with the right care and attention to detail at the outset, such problems are unnecessary and 100% avoidable. In fact, Barbara maintains that all the property horror stories that grab the headlines happen because the right questions were not asked at the right time. In her view carrying out due diligence on behalf of clients is one of the most important parts of The Property Finders service.

The unregulated Spanish real estate sector allows almost anyone to open an Estate Agency. In a situation where a non-Spanish speaking agent is trying to sell a property to a buyer who knows little or nothing about the procedure things can go badly wrong.  This is very relevant right now, as the Spanish property market emerges from the catastrophic collapse which started in 2008, leading to the closure of tens of thousand of real estate agents. New estate agents are opening so fast it’s hard to keep up. Buyers entering the market now have know way of knowing if the person they are dealing with has been in business five minutes or twenty years.

Barbara makes certain that no client of The Property Finders ever signs a contract unless it is absolutely in their best interests and carries out title deed and documentation checks as standard procedure prior to short-listing a property. This attention to detail is just one of the factors that give clients of The Property Finders total confidence that their interests will always be the priority. Over the years Barbara has helped clients buy ruins in the Andalucian countryside, often no more than a pile of stones, found fine country estates, hunted down special properties among the thousands on the coasts and discovered gems in the historic city centres of Seville and Granada. She finds it particularly satisfying when her clients buy a property not listed for sale with any agents, having tracked it down through her network of contacts. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it is somewhere in Andalucia, Barbara can find it. And she gets great satisfaction from saving her clients lots of time and loads of money so please do get in touch to find out how much you can save.

In 2003 she founded The Property Finders and the network now helps buyers locate and purchase property in Andalucia, the Costa Blanca from Castellón to Murcia, Barcelona, Mallorca and the Canary Islands, Australia (Queensland) and New Zealand.

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