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Barbara Wood developed an interest in property during her years with British Airways as time off between flights allowed her to ‘do things up’.  When she decided it was time to unpack her suitcase for the last time she knew she wanted to develop a career in the real estate sector and subsequently worked for estate agents in London and Surrey over a number of years.  She believes this experience is what enables her to be so effective as a buying agent and that the most successful and productive property finders are those who really know the real estate sector from both sides of the fence.  She knows the questions to ask and loves the business of digging around for the facts that ensure her clients get the full story on every potential property and are able to make informed decisions with confidence.

Barbara believes the most important part of a property search is right at the outset, really listening to the client’s requirements.  A new search is always exciting and the temptation is to rush in but time taken at the beginning, to fully understand what is needed, is the best first step to a successful purchase. 

Barbara always assumes that her clients are very busy people and is conscious of the fact that it is so easy to waste inordinate amounts of time viewing properties that the estate agent sounded so excited about but then, that’s their job, getting you, the buyer, excited enough to see a property that just isn’t that exciting.

As a co-founder of The Property Finders in 2003 Barbara Wood is committed to showing how a property finder can transform your property buying experience for the better.    We often get access to properties before they are openly marketed, ensuring our clients get in first and we are also contacted by sellers direct.  Using a buying agent will always save the client time as we do all the initial investigation, viewings and assessment required to develop a short list of properties and as an added bonus are usually able to save lots of money as well.

Every property search is unique so please contact Barbara to discuss your property requirements in London and S.E. England in detail.   

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