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Buying a Country Property
The do's and don'ts of buying a rural property in Spain (22m:26s)
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  • 06 Oct Spain's Aug sales up 24.2%, now 12 months of y-o-y increases but headline figure disguises monthly fluctuations.
  • 06 Oct Just how low can it go? Another historic low for Euribor at 0.154%, saving up to €250 on some Spanish mortgages.
  • 05 Oct Building licence apps up 27.5% between Jan & July 2015, to 28,870. Good but 20,000+ in just Málaga pre-crash

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Spanish property market still split in two and overseas buyers are leading the way in 2015. (47m:38s)
My analysis of Spain's property market in 2014. For the first time in years there's positive news. (40m:27s)
Useful things to know, including recent tax changes and new rules on NIE application. (15m:33s)